Recycling Center

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Residents and visitors are encouraged to reduce waste, pollution and energy usage by recycling products at the Odessa Recycle Center.

The Odessa Recycle Center is located at 816 West 42nd Street.

(Disposal of items at this facility are for residential purposes only.)

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The following items can be recycled at the Odessa Recycling Center any time day or night:
  • Cardboard (including food boxes such as cereal boxes) in the Yellow containers
  • Newspaper in the Blue containers
  • Mixed Paper (junk mail, paperback books, shredded paper, paper bags, shredded paper, office or school paper, chipboard)
  • Magazines
  • Phone Books
  • #1 Plastic (clear water or soda bottles) in the Green containers
  • #2 Plastic (thick cloudy plastics such as milk jugs or laundry detergent containers in the Green containers
For convenience the following recycling containers are placed throughout the City:

Plastic, Cardboard & Newspaper:
Newspaper only:

Click here to view a complete map of the recycling locations in Odessa.


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