Litter Prevention

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Litter Prevention Tips

One of the best ways to prevent litter is by tying your trash bags properly. This video shows you how.




Taking Out the Trash     

  1. Secure the bag. Use the extra room at the top of the bag to securely tie a single knot so that the garbage does not fall out of the bag. Sometimes trash bags come with twist ties. Using these ties makes it easy to secure the contents of the bag. Gather the entire opening of the bag, close and place the twist tie around it.
  2. Double bag the trash. Check to see if there are any holes in the bag. If so, double bag it by placing the entire bag inside of an empty bag.
  3. Take your bags to the designated pick-up location. Be sure nothing has been left behind or dropped during the transportation process.

     To transport heavy items or more than one bag, either

    • take more than one trip
    • ask for help
    • use a dolly or wagon
  4. Move the dumpster to the street. If you live in a house and not an apartment, there are specific waste management guidelines to follow. Be sure to follow the rules for dumpster placement and pick up. You should set the trash out on time so that it does not pile up.
    • Trash Collection Schedule
    • If you place your trash in a community dumpster, replace the lid after dropping your trash bag into it. This will prevent rodents and animals from entering the dumpster.