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1. Who do I call if I want to report an animal attack / bite / vicious animal?
2. Who do I call if I want to report a stray, dead, or barking dog issue during or after regular business hours?
3. Where can I find an updated copy of the Odessa City Ordinance?
4. How can I get rid of stray / unwanted cats at my house?
5. How many dogs / cats can I legally keep at my residence?
6. How often does my dog / cat / ferret need to receive the rabies vaccine?
7. Will an Animal Control Officer come out and inspect my home / property to ensure my pets are within City ordinance?
8. If I live in the county (red street signs) and have an animal issue, who do I contact?
9. If I want to report an animal related issue, can I stay anonymous?
10. If Animal Control picks up a stray animal and I want it, how can I adopt it?